Life in Vilnius

If you’re a looking for exciting career or academic opportunities there’s a variety of cities demanding your attention. But which one to choose? If you cherish your individuality but also seek to be part of a supportive community, look no further than Vilnius. It is a calmly active, surprisingly consistent, and creatively enterprising city where amazing things happen every day. Let's not forget the abundance of talented people and the business-friendly environment. Living here, you will find yourself at the heart of the action and have ample opportunities to grow and express your true self.

Live in the city centre

SOLO SOCIETY City House Vilnius coliving is located in the city centre of Vilnius - St. Steponas str. 33, Naujamiestis. Everything you could think of is super close distance: the Old Town, restaurants, museums, galleries or places for other activities. Vilnius City House coliving space Vilnius gives an opportunity to fully experience the city while enjoying a private, comfortable, and sustainable coliving in Vilnius city centre. Use this map and menu on the left to navigate you.




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