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A space for everyone

you will be easily able to enjoy your life here

Made for co-being

Those who decide to choose this place for living, enjoy the full comfort it gives. Each resident is a part of the community and has equal rights to use all the opportunities that can be found here. Co-living, co-studying and co-working are the concepts that are developed for easy use at SOLO SOCIETY.

Joint kitchens

All needed equipment and tools will be here for you. These areas are available for all residents to use for their needs 24/7.

Studio places

We set up these areas for your studies or work. Here you can spend your time as effective as you need to for your duties to be done.

Library for studying

This place is here to help you focus, so silence is appreciated here. Please respect the others and maintain the comfortable atmosphere.

Meditation area

You can take a minute to enjoy peace and silence in this place. It is always a good idea to have some time for yourself if you feel stressed.

Rooftop terrace

There is an opportunity to take a look at the city from the 7th floor. Urban horizons is a good inspiration for any plans you might come up with.


It will take you up to the 6th floor and down to the basement. Use it as much as you need for yourself or transporting your belongins.

Inside parking area

A permission to park a car here is issued by administration. Please keep in mind that a number of parking lots is limited.

Safe private backyard

You can spend your free time outside in this area if you want. However, your activity should not disturb other residents.

Outdoor bike parking

Just in case we ask to lock the bike for yourself, even if the backyard is under CCTV live cameras.

Room types

We have different room sizes and all are fully furnished and ready for comfortable living. You can choose the room size based on your needs and budget. Read more

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