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Rooms that fit needs of every person

We thoughtfully designed rooms to match your expectations

Everything for co-living

You will find all kind of common areas in this building. Some of them are for active leisure, some of them are exclusively for work or studying. We believe that they will fit your needs here and we hope that rules for using these areas are understandable and reasonable for you. Actually, the basic rule is to create the atmosphere which lets everyone feel good. So, if you are spending time in a common area, think how would you like to feel in it, depending on its purpose. Joint kitchens, studio places, library, meditation area, terrace, backyard – all these are here for a perfect co-living.


S (small room)

For one person (up to 14 sq. m.)

It has everything needed for a comfortable basic living. It’s perfect for those who like individual peace and calmness and spending a lot of time in common areas. So, if you are that kind of person who needs a place for sleep and some time for yourself – this one is for you. You will be able to study and get cozy whenever needed here.

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319€ per month


M (medium room)

For one person (14-16 sq. m.)

It is designed to fit the average needs of one person. It’s a slightly bigger room which will give you more space to spend your time individually. If you like studying oneself, reading books or watching movies on your free time – consider this room. It might become a nice place for your living during studies in Kaunas

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349€ per month


L (large room)

For one person (18-22 sq. m.)

It is the one for those who search for a room with a feeling of apartment. Choose it and you will be able to get the most comfort you can get out of the room. If you prefer having some privacy for most of the time but you are still an outgoing personality – this is the best fit for you. Feel free to enjoy the extra space it gives.

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379€ per month


XL (extra large room)

For two persons (19-24 sq. m.)

It is the room for those who search for a feeling of apartment. Choose this room and you will be able to get spacious area suitable for one or two persons, even suitable for disabled people because some of these rooms are specially designed to fit all possible needs for that and it has more space for easier movement around it.

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449€ per month


B1 (one bedroom apartment)

For two persons (30-35 sq. m.)

This one right here is a real apartment, perfect for a couple or even living alone. It has a private bedroom with a double size bed in it. You will have another zone for studying, as well. It gives you opportunity to bring some friends to your room, if you want to, without feeling limited by space. Choose this if you want to feel like a king.

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499€ per month


B2 (two bedroom apartment)

For two persons (45-47 sq. m.)

It is an apartment made for friends to create their own co-living place together. You will find two bedrooms in it and a common area for both residents to study and spend their free time. It is spacious and lets you feel at home while living with a buddy literally few steps away from you. Select this and get set to set it your way.

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599€ per month

What you get

We will provide all necessary infrastructure for comfortable living. Also, you will have an opportunity to use our services when needed.

Fast Internet

Wi-Fi zone in all the area and junction for fast Internet in each room

Leisure zones

TV screen, library, rooftop terrace, table games

Gym hall

With all main trainers for your activity

Laundry room

Laundry room with washer and dryer

Cleaning ladies

Cleaning ladies in all SOLO SOCIETY common areas

Effective security

Effective security staff and system 24/7

Vending machines

Hot and cold drinks and snacks

Welcome package

Welcome package for each resident

Extra low priced services

  • Luggage storage
  • Room cleaning service by request
  • Pillow and duvet
  • Sheets and quality covers for pillow and duvet
  • Vending machines for food and drinks

Activities in SOLO SOCIETY

  • Community building events in SOLO SOCIETY (seminars, work-shops, sport activities, cooking classes, brunching, influencer’s speeches, art and cultural events etc.)
  • Always updated new offers and recommendations what to do and visit in Kaunas

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